Quicksilver Couriers Personalised Messenger Services


Promotional Items

To guarantee delivery of promotional or Christmas gifts, calendars and invitations to functions, you can confidently leave it in our hands.

Internet Shopping

Online shopping does not eliminate the need for goods to be collected and delivered. We offer this two-way service, cost-effectively.

Collection & Delivery of stock for small manufacturers

We cater especially for small manufacturers to assist them in collecting stock and delivery of finished products to their clients.

Cheque Collections

Tired of hearing "the cheque's in the post"? We can collect cheques from your clients and deposit them dirtectly into your bank or bring them to your office. The cost is the same.

Document Deliveries

Then there's that other old one: "it must have got lost in the post". When we deliver your invoices, statements, contracts, insurance claims, SARS returns, sales brochures, and other important documents, we make sure they're signed for by the recipient.

Mail Collection

We can also save you the hassle of regular mail collection from your PO Box, and can handle stamp purchases, registering letters, collecting posted parcels, etc.

General Errands

We can also save you the time consuming frustration of getting your vehicle licences, paying traffic fines, and collecting small parcels.

Temporary Messenger

When your full-time messenger's on leave or off sick we can provide a temporary replacement. And when your vehicle's being repaired, you can usefully deploy your messenger while we take care of the routine work.


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